The Five Benefits of Using Shopify as your eCommerce Platform

Shopify is one of the most well-known and user-friendly eCommerce SaaS platforms which offers over 1,400 eCommerce related apps through their app store. Shopify ecosystems provide useful marketing and sales tools in order to improve your business’s sales and customer experience. It is most popular amongst start-up companies, hobbyists, and brands. There are many reasons why you should use Shopify as your eCommerce platform. We chose the top five reasons you may want to consider when deciding on an eCommerce platform: 

It is easy to set up your online business 


When it comes to setting up your online store with Shopify,  you do not need any technical knowledge or background. Shopify provides an extensive eCommerce website builder that has custom built templates that you can use in order to set up and promote your business from the outset.


Variety of available applications 

Shopify provides a variety of free and premium applications that you can use to enhance and promote your store. These apps have the ability to improve customization and enhance the performance of your online storefront, set up a store template or help you get noticed by making advertising easy. Examples of these applications include marketing, accounting, inventory, sales, shipping, reporting, and many more that will assist in managing your eCommerce store effectively.


Receiving payments is simple and secure

Setting up payment methods with Shopify is simple and is safe. Shopify provides a variety of payment clearing solutions without having to set up a third-party payment provider. This is automatically integrated within their system and so that you can set up and be ready to receive payments as soon as your online store is in the air.  Examples of accepted payment methods include PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay. Cryptocurrency is also recognized as an accepted payment method. 

Shopify is PCI  level 1 compliant, which means that your details are fully secure when it comes to payment processing. Therefore, when your store accepts payments, you do not need to be concerned about breaches of private information. When it comes to customer data, Shopify provides 100% security as login attempts are limited. It also ensures that app developers solely have access when it comes to data. In addition, Shopify has fraud detection measures in place that will detect fraudulent orders and  pick up on any suspicious locations where orders may have been placed. Finally, Shopify stores are provided with SSL security which is a ‘secure sockets layer’ security system which is allocated at no additional cost.


Performance and speed 

It’s critical for Online stores to be fast responding websites as shoppers don’t always have lots of patience. Shopify’s hosting services use CDN to deliver the best in its class hosting performance. This is because their hosting system is swift and efficient regardless of where your customers are located across the globe. Shopify conveniently sets-up and monitors the hosting of your site and ensures that all your store’s data is backed up and software updates are installed.


Advertising and marketing

In terms of marketing solutions, there are also attractive options available. Your online business can be marketed through Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Shopping as well as any other available method. App to help you with effective advertising to get you noticed and on the first page, you can use an automated online tool such as Okiano Marketing which uses AI and Machine Learning in order to automate your entire search and social media advertising process and thereby yield a positive return on your investment.

Additional goodies

Shopify also offers store Templates, point of sale integration, a trial period, Dropshipping partners, Blogs and other third party tools and services to help online stores deliver excellent experience to shoppers. It is a simple and safe platform for your e-commerce business. It has many useful benefits and tools that will assist you with all the necessary methods when starting up your new online business.


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