Join hundreds of happy e-commerce stores who are reaching their ideal customers on the world’s largest digital advertising network. Lower your advertising costs and increase your sales.

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Okiano - Driving Successful Growth

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What Okiano will do for your store


Okiano will analyze your website and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the best ads and keywords that represent your products


Our software will create quality campaigns, structured to Google's best practises and start driving interested buyers to your store immediately


Unsure how to make necessary changes? Okiano's AI automation will optimize your campaigns to ensure that the maximum ROI is achieved at the lowest CPC



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min charge $22/month
Only serving English language audience

You can change the plan anytime

Campaigns that Okiano will create for your e-commerce store

Google Search Ads

We will display your ads across the traditional google search engine when interested buyers are searching for your products. We will ensure that you rank highly and pay the correct bid

Remarketing Campaigns

We will retarget those visitors who are most familiar with your brand by increasing your brand exposure across the internet.This can include people who have previously clicked on your Facebook ads

Shopping Campaigns

Our software has the unique ability of automatically creating shopping campaigns that will display your products to active shoppers, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in selling your products

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