How can we estimate if our store size is right for using Okiano?

Okiano Community Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow can we estimate if our store size is right for using Okiano?
Anonymous asked 11 months ago

Do you have any way of framing what account size/product volume Okiano would typically be best for?

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Okiano Manager Staff answered 1 year ago

Okiano system can deal with any size store., from stores selling a single product, up to thousands of products in multiple complex category structures.
Typically, stores that are structured with products sorted in categories, possibly with Filters and Site search would have better business/conversion results as the Okiano Robot can create category and search based ads pointing to relevant landing pages yielding more interesting results as response for user searches. Naturally such site structures will also get higher score for the Keyword-Ad-Landing page from Google, hence the Cost-Per-Click will be lower.

Before you proceed

You will need to spend a valid Credit Card in your Google Ads and Okiano accounts. You will not be charged during the trial period.

It takes time to see results as Okiano and Google robots optimize your campaigns. You will see elevated traffic, but conversions may depend on many factors such as your store shopping cart experience and onsite promotions.

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