Automated Google Advertising for eCommerce

Okiano Marketing is an Automated eCommerce Advertising technology that boosts sales for online retails and advertising agencies by creating excellent Google Ads Campaigns and optimizing the Keywords->Ads->Store Page experience to achieve High Quality Score and Low Click Costs.


With our AI and Machine Learning technology, Okiano makes PPC experts 5X more effective.


What's Possible

Knowing the intent of users searching the Internet provides the opportunity to serve precisely the information they need and, by doing that, influence their decision.


For example, if someone types the search phrase “price of black dress shoes,” we have a good sense of what their content expectations are as well as their intention.


Okiano uses Machine and Deep learning to understand customer needs and predict relevant Keywords and creative Ads that prospective customers will use and click on when searching for products.


Our smart technology is how we automate the entire search advertisement task for eCommerce Automated Advertising and drive our retail clients’ positive results.

How It Works

Our AI Google Ads Automation is end to end!

Okiano’s AI eCommerce Automated Advertising creates Ads and Search terms for the wide variety of shop items your eCommerce store sells. With over 10,000,000 ads created & tested so far and continually crafting new ads in every product category Okiano is increasing the Sales & Revenue and improving the ROI for Online Shops using Google Ads Automation.

Our technology systematically manages Campaign Spend and optimizes Ad Performance continuously to choose from the many Advertising strategies to improve results continually.

Okiano’s Deep and Machine Learning algorithms design Ads that will best correspond to the website landing page content and the Searched Keywords, optimizing the Keyword-Ad-Landing page experience and A/B testing adjusts accordingly, increasing sales! 

Key Components

Creative Magic

Get effective, great-looking ads without a designer! It’s completely automatic. Our eCommerce, Automated Advertising creative technology will crawl your online store to create hundreds or even thousands of excellent looking Search Ads. Ads are then used for your search campaigns and A/B testing to yield the best possible search campaign results.

Smart Keywords

An Artificial Intelligence system that generates a large number of relevant keywords with little search volume. Now you can have all the long-tail keywords you need and avoid paying high CPC costs for popular keywords high in demand.

Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder uses the Ads created by our Creative Magic and the search terms created by Smart Keywords and AdWords Management Services to construct excellent AdWords campaigns. AdWords Management Services helps maintain the critical Keyword→Ad→Landing page sequence, creating Search Campaigns that work from the start.

Sales Amplifier

Sophisticated remarketing and retargeting, identifying new keywords derived from user searches and associating them to the Ads and landing pages, and automatically generating new Ads are all means to increase your sales and scale your business in a competitive landscape.

Shopping Booster

Automatically creating Google Shopping campaigns that work and continuously groups your products to the right categories to meet relevant user searches identifying intent to purchase and optimizing to keep your performance at peak.

Budget Optimizer

Okiano Budget Optimizer manages your Google Ad budget to the level of your store category structure. The tool helps you choose categories, and product groups should be included or excluded as per your business preference, and Okiano will manage your store Search Ads budget accordingly.


Before you proceed

You will need to spend a valid Credit Card in your Google Ads and Okiano accounts. You will not be charged during the trial period.

It takes time to see results as Okiano and Google robots optimize your campaigns. You will see elevated traffic, but conversions may depend on many factors such as your store shopping cart experience and onsite promotions.

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