Become an Early Adopter of Okiano AI advertisement technologies

Okiano helps online retailers grow their business using AI to identify what makes users buy and how to reach them. We deliver excellent ROAS, so that our clients can focus on their business while we do the advertisement heavy lifting for them to win more business!

The Okiano Early Adopter Program (EA Program) provides customers with early access to Okiano new innovative products before they become broadly available.

Members of Okiano EA Program will play a significant role in the validation of our new technology and will get direct benefits from the commission free Google Ads advertisements and our expert team who will assist you at any step.

What's in the Plan

Commission free Google Ads advertisements for 3 month!

Google Ads Campaign – We will crawl your website and construct a complete Google Ads Campaign including Ads and Relevant Keywords.

Ads account – We will use your Google Ads (AdWords) or create a new Google Ads account for you.

Free use of technology – Your campaign with use the full suite of Okiano technologies: Creative Magic, Smart Keywords, Campaign Builder, Sales Amplifier, Shopping Booster and Budget Optimizer (details)

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Key Components

Creative Magic

Get effective, great-looking ads without a designer! It’s completely automatic. Our automatic Ad creative technology will crawl your online store to create hundreds or even thousands of great looking Search Ads. These Ads can be used for your search campaigns and A/B testing to yield the best possible results for your search campaigns.

Smart Keywords

An Artificial Intelligence system that generates large number of relevant keywords with little search volume. Now you can have all the long-tail keywords you need and avoid paying high CPC costs for popular keywords that are high in demand.

Campaign Builder

Builds perfect campaigns in Google Ads (AdWords), Okiano Campaign Builder is using the Ads created by our Creative Magic and the search terms created by Smart Keywords to construct excellent AdWords campaigns maintaining the important Keyword→Ad→Landing page sequence, creating Search Campaigns that work from the start.

Sales Amplifier

Sophisticated remarketing and retargeting, identification of new keywords derived from user searches and associating them to the Ads and landing pages and automatically generating new Ads are all means to increase your sales and scale your business in a competitive landscape.

Shopping Booster

Automatically creating Google Shopping campaigns that work and continuously groups your products to the right categories to meet relevant user searches identifying intent to purchase and optimizing to keep your performance at peak.

Budget Optimizer

Okiano Budget Optimizer manages your Google Ad budget to the level your store category structure. This helps you choose categories and product groups that will be included or excluded as per your business preference and Okiano will manage your store Search Ads budget accordingly.

Only Okiano is using AI to automatically create thousands of Ad views and search terms for each of the shop items. Than, campaigns spend and performance are managed in real time using “Thousand Views” deep and machine learning algorithms to deliver unparalleled  ROAS.

Our AI technology delivers scalability in sales with better ROAS to eCommerce businesses making google ads worth the money and effort.

How It Works


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