Livia Drives Down Acquisition Costs using Okiano Google Ads

“We always struggled with obtaining good results using Google Ads until we were introduced to Okiano. Within less than two months from starting out, Livia reached its target CPA and lowered cost per conversion by 41%. We now begin to see growth in sales driven by Okiano Google Ads with 560%, transactions compared to the previous period and 61% increase in conversion rate.”

Livia provides instant, drug-free relief from menstrual cramps. With the touch of a button, the wearable device stimulates nerves to block pain.

Chen Nachum
Owner at CEO at Livia (iPulse Medical Ltd)

Okiano - Driving Successful Growth

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Founded in 2015, IPulse Medical is a technology company developing Livia, a safe and effective wearable device that neutralizes menstrual pain. Livia is FDA and CE approved and strongly recommended by leading women’s health experts as a proven non-drug technology helping women overcome menstrual pain. There are no side-effects to using Livia. The portable, fashion-forward and easy to use design makes it perfect for daily use.


Livia brings a novel approach to delivering relief from menstrual pains. However groundbreaking technology and new way to safely treat this old discomfort, the challenge is evidently the competition with the plethora of traditional solutions ranging from dietary through medical Menstrual Relieve treatment. Using different channels, we managed to grow our sales steadily, However, the cost of being discovered when so many alternatives are offered online, turns making Google Ads profitable to a growth limiting challenge.


While searching and working with different advertising agencies, we met with Okiano who presented their eCommerce Advertising Technology. We liked the solution and we began working together with Okiano PPC Experts. Within a few weeks from starting up, the Google Ads campaign delivered the expected CPA with Okiano AI technology gradually increasing spend to gain more sales. We didn’t need to touch or explain anything. The Okaino Robots seem to know what to do.


The results proved to Livia once again that well designed Google Ads campaigns can be very effective. Within 2 month of running with Okiano, the sales driven by Google Ads grew and the statistics showed positive direction with CPA right on target, cost per conversion going down significantly by over 40%, more 550% growth in transactions and over 60% increase in conversion rate from Google Ads compared to the previous period.



Using Okiano technology for automated advertising on Google Ads, Livia finally had an alternative to the high cost of sales through Google Ads. Setting up and running the campaigns was smooth and sales are growing constantly even at the current period where competition is tough and the space on the first results page of Google is limited.


Contact us at Okiano to learn how you too can grow your brand without growing overheads!

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