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Okiano disrupts eCommerce Advertising by automating the work of the PPC expert. Our product uses Google Ads API in conjunction with traditional and  Machine Learning algorithms in a web environment containing AngularJS, NodeJS, Java, MongoDB, Redis and Elastic.

We are looking for self-motivated lead developer, experienced in leading small development teams in a startup environment with hands-on development experience to implement high performance Advertising Automation using machine learning, natural language processing, statistical modeling and other expert systems and augmented intelligence techniques. Candidates should have one or more of the skills below.. 

Before you proceed

You will need to spend a valid Credit Card in your Google Ads and Okiano accounts. You will not be charged during the trial period.

It takes time to see results as Okiano and Google robots optimize your campaigns. You will see elevated traffic, but conversions may depend on many factors such as your store shopping cart experience and onsite promotions.

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