The Cost of Sales is going up…

Online shops must ensure they are present on the first page whenever people are looking for their products. Even strong brands must keep this online presence at all times, by creating Social Presence and improving SEO to drive organic traffic to their stores.

Quality Paid Ads reduces your cost of sales

When interested customers visit your website, SEO measures like Bounce Rate, Session Duration, and Number of Viewed Pages improve.
High Quality Paid Advertising gets more interested shoppers to your website, elevates your SEO parameters and yields better overall quality score for your website. This in turn lowers your click-cost and improves your placement on the first page of search results.


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The E-commerce Industry is experiencing a non-linear Growth 

The e-commerce industry in the U.S. was approximately $600BN in 2019.  This big market is attracting many retailers that are trying to capture a stronghold in the market. It is currently estimated that there are over one million e-commerce businesses in the U.S. alone (growing daily), each competing for consumer attention using eCommerce advertising.


The cost of Sales for Online Stores and why is it going up

The biggest problem for eCommerce is space on the first page vs. demand of retailers. The ability to organically direct a substantial amount of shoppers traffic to the shops is limited. For that reason, the competition between retailers on the first-page moves to the paid advertisement, still, the limited supply of advertising space and the growing demand, constantly elevates the price of getting discovered. This means the cost of acquiring a new eCommerce customer is constantly increasing.


What can the retail advertiser do

In order to stay profitable while growing sales, the digital retailer needs to crack the secret of How to Lower the Advertisement Cost (Lower PPC cost) and Elevate Exposure (Increase First-Page Impressions) to sell more at lower cost. To do that, one must understand the logic of the AI robots responsible for placing Ads of the chosen Advertising Platform to ensure campaigns gets high relevance score.


How can Okiano AI help you increase sales and improve profitability

Okiano is focused on using AI to automate the work of the PPC Expert for eCommerce. From creation of the Ads and Associated  search terms Keywords, through creating full Advertising campaigns on Google Ads using advanced deep and machine learning algorithms to deliver top-of-page Ad placement, Lower PPC Cost and as a result deliver unparalleled  ROAS.


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