Improving your website SEO will help you sell more with Google Ads

Attracting traffic to your website is the ultimate goal for the success of your online business. The more visible you are to your market, the more exposure you will achieve in your industry and the more conversions you will gain, turning visitors into buyers. 

Building your search engine optimization strategy (‘SEO’) will lead your business in the right direction. Executing on your website optimization will then help you increase your organic sales and even more when boosted with PPC Google Ads.

Understanding SEO

While adhering to SEO rules seems a complicated process to follow, but actually it is quite simple. In our recent article titled tips & trends for creating cutting edge Google Ads, we spoke about the importance of choosing the right Keywords, imagining what the user would search for in order to reach your page. This as well, is an important element of SEO. When a user searches for something specific on Google’s search engine, Google will look up the content gathered from your website in order to find all the relevant content for the searching user. It will then provide a ranking which will link to an algorithm that matches the data to the query the user is searching for. It is therefore clear that by having a strong understanding of  SEO your business will benefit in the long term. Having relevant content and strong ranking will eventually drive more traffic to your website.

Improving your SEO


Once you have a good and detailed understanding of how SEO works, you will need to continually focus on building and improving it in order to keep staying relevant and thereby maintaining your Google ranking. The three most important  methods of improving your SEO include:


– The quality of your content


When looking to improve your SEO, content is a key factor. The quality of the relevant content you place on your website will influence the amount of time users will spend on your site. This in turn will also impact your click through rate and consequently conversions. Making your content relevant, eye catching and engaging will help you elevate your SEO ranking. 


When you create quality content, remember that the best way to engage with your audience is to find out the questions that they are asking about your products specifically and include Keywords used in these questions in the text. That way your content will emerge in consumer searches, and you will have a chance to become a valuable and reputable source in answering your audience with the details and answers that they are looking for. They may also return to your website in the future as they value your content. Your answers to these questions become the topics that provide the best advice and solutions to all the questions asked by your audience. Not only will this tactic help you improve your SEO ranking, it will also help you gain competitive advantage as you are building a long lasting trust with your target customers. 


Include Keywords and links to your other content


We have often emphasised in our articles the importance of using effective Keywords in content, for users to find your site organically in searches. In terms of growing your SEO strategy, there are specific areas that you can use keywords that will help increase your online presence. By using keywords in your page title, meta description as well as your subheadings, you will increase the chances of your webpage in showing up when users search these keywords in Google.  


An additional recommended useful hack is to include the internal links to redirect users to relevant content on your site, exposing them to either previously published articles, details about the products that your business offers or even frequently asked questions.  By providing a sufficient amount of  internal links that refer back to your website, you are opening up the opportunity for the user to gain exposure to your business and your offerings while at the same time you contribute to the increase of your SEO ranking. 


Make sure your website performance and pages loading speed is fast

According to research, 40% of users lose interest and abort a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 80% of these users will not return to your site. This volatile user behaviour needs to be countered by excellent website performance to ensure keeping them engaged from the outset, your loading speed is vital.



– Make use of dofollow backlinks


DoFollow backlinks are backlinks that are taken from reputable websites that will help your site gain credibility. A good way of looking at backlinks is to regard them as a “conversation amongst websites”. This creates a ‘win-win’ situation for both websites by increasing authority as well as your SEO ranking.



How does improving SEO help with Google Ads?


While in contrast to Google Ads, SEO operates more in the background, a passive way to cause Google to show your website to searching customers, it is important to work on your site’s SEO first as it is not a short-term or one-off activity. Building your website’s SEO is a timely process which will only gain results in the long-term. Combining a strong SEO with the effective use of Google Ads, will bring about lasting benefits to your business and website. 


Ultimately, it is about getting the most exposure of your online store to your target market and to provide them with a seamless, positive experience with your business. This in turn, will lead to greater user loyalty to your brand. It is therefore imperative to create these content items that lay out the stepping stones for better Google ranking and to reach a larger audience to boost your online presence. The better the SEO structure of your business, the more effective your Google Ads will be which will result in happier customers.

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