How Okiano helped our business grow in a crowded competitive landscape

“After a long and detailed market research comparing different solutions and advertising agencies we found that Okiano service required no effort to yields the highest overall returns on our advertising spend.”

Josh Porter, Romantix
Head of Digital Marketing

Okiano - Driving Successful Growth

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Romantix is a large adult toy store network with over 50 stores in the USA. Romantix sells high quality products at fair prices and through unprecedented shopping convenience. The brand sells sales adults toys on, and through digitally immersive brick-and-mortar Shops.

Challenge & Solution

E-Commerce growth in the adult toy vertical has been skyrocketing, with leading vendors experiencing explosive year-over-year growth and shortened times to deliver the latest developed toys to consumers. The pressure to drive more loyalty is pushing our teams to dramatically scale their outreach to their core audiences.

To meet this challenge, Romantix built a task force with experts from Okiano and GLI Inc.  This team took over the implementation of Okiano Automation in a synchronised manner to deliver a new approach for executing better campaign structures that maintains tight controls on digital performance.


As a result of using this new technology and novel approach to advertising on Google, Romantix saw growth in number of conversions and increased sales by 149% and grew Return on Advertising Spend more than 108% leading to over 47% growth in overall profitable revenue.

The new ad formats delivered an over 72% decrease in cost per conversion as a result of optimizations made to increase the Keyword – Ad – landing page relevance of 228% resulting in lower cost per acquisition.

Bottom Line

Using Automated Store / products advertising, Romantix’s move to online sales was smooth and proved effective and engaging for consumers through a period of intense competition and limited space on Google’s first results page.

Contact us at Okiano to learn how you too can grow your brand without growing team overhead!

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It takes time to see results as Okiano and Google robots optimize your campaigns. You will see elevated traffic, but conversions may depend on many factors such as your store shopping cart experience and onsite promotions.

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Get your store ready for the holidays
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Watch this review by Sam Dey:

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