Getting the Most Out of Google Shopping

Our online shopping methods have evolved. We’re no longer solely using desktops at home, but we’re now using multiple devices to research, compare and analyse products before acquiring them.

Google Shopping was created to bridge the gap between consumers searching for the best products, and store owners who have the right inventories.

From a PPC perspective, what are the ways to ensure your Shopping campaigns are working well?

Google Merchant

It‘s essential that your product feed is correctly set up. Google has rigid product data specifications, and any failure to keep to it can lead to disapprovals (which take days to reverse).

Information such as product titles, descriptions, prices and other identifiers must be there from the start. Go through Google’s guide here and get it right from the start.

Campaign Structure

Clients are often overwhelmed when seeing their products uploaded on AdWords. The inventory is not organized in a way that resembles traditional campaigns. Consider how to segment your products into groups. One recommended way is by the value of the products. If a group of products is more expensive then you can set aside higher CPC bids for that group.

Bid Strategy

Shopping campaigns are data-heavy and automations can help with the heavy lifting. AdWords offers elementary functions such as smart bidding. You set the ROI goal and Google will work towards it. However, professional automations such as Okiano specialize in optimizing structures, bids and product exposure for shopping and do get better results.  

Device Modifiers

Many consumers commence their mobile searches whilst in retail stores. Therefore cross-device conversion tracking is advised. Once you know what percentage of conversions are completed on multiple devices, then you can calculate the value of each device, and decide what bid should be placed on that device.

Shopping campaigns are daunting because their structures, bids and management are unlike traditional campaigns. Therefore, either start on a small scale by testing structures and bids, or consider using management systems that take the stress out of running these campaigns for you.

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