Getting started with Okiano Marketing Automation

What is Okiano Marketing Automation?
Okiano Marketing Automation is a sophisticated system based on advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies that manages paid digital marketing campaigns for eCommerce online stores. At the moment, Okiano is automating PPC advertisement only for google ads. It automates the entire advertisement process and ensure effective advertisement for any number of store products.


How do I start? It’s super simple!
Let’s begin with starting a campaign. Click the “Start Campaign” button in the top right hand corner. You will see a page where you can sign up with your google account or with an email address and a chosen password.

Once you’re done, click on Join Okiano and you will be redirected to your new Okiano account.

✎ NOTE: please take the time to read our Terms of Service.

Filling in your store details

After creating an Okiano marketing account, you’ll need to complete 3 steps to begin your campaign and generate sales. The first is to fill in your store details.

Filling your details is quick, and it’s necessary for Okiano to be able to do the work for you. Please be elaborate and fill in the optional data as well. Tell us your company slogan, describe your store, your target audience, competition and also elaborate in a free writing form about your store. This information is used during the setup and training of Okiano robots so that they can be more effective. When you are done, please click the “set store details” and proceed to set the budget for your campaign.


Setting the initial monthly budget for your campaign

Once you you filed in your store details, you can set the desired budget. You can chose to set a dollar amount, a desired estimated number of visitors or a desired sales goal. Please note that the system can only provide very high-level inaccurate estimates for number of visitors or sales. Once starting, the system learns the specific traffic parameters and eventually will be able to predict your budget performance based on your store results. Use your best understanding to determine how much traffic do you want to push to your website. For example, if you set a $600 per month, you will spend an average of $20 per day. If your super relevant click cost would average $0.25 you can get as many as 80 clicks per day.

Payment details

The final on-boarding step is to set your payment method and card holder information. It is mandatory to enter a payment means as the system will not be able to begin advertising your store products without it. Your card will be charged a small initial card validation amount equal to one third of the monthly budget or $500 (the lowest of the two)  follow up payments will be charged every time the spend reached a threshold set at one third of the monthly budget or $500 (the lowest of the two) until the monthly budget is consumed.

Process Stage

Your card is accepted for use, you reached an explanatory page showing where you are in the advertisement process. The first step is when Okiano upload all of your store product information and begins a Machine Learning process that automatically  creates keywords and paid ads from your store products and categories.

Store Optimization Dashboard

This is your dashboard. Here you can see how many categories were processed, how many ads and keywords did Okiano robot prepared for your store advertisements, and what is the number of store categories that are are already up and running. Click the “Preview Ads” link to see the categories, Ads, and Keywords that were generated for your campaign.

Google Ads Performance

Here you can see your store traffic performance. Roll down to see performance of the top and worst performing categories. Click the “show all categories”  to see detailed category performance.

Store Optimization | Ads Preview

Here you can see your store category tree and can easily preview the ads and keywords that were created.

Connecting Okiano to your WooCommerce store

Okiano integration with WooCommerce allows for your store data to be continuously updated on Okiano servers. This in turn, ensures your Ads and search terms are always relevant and accurately represent your store. To connect we need to have your website REST API keys. Please see below the instructions for obtaining your WooCommerce API Keys. As well, you can also review these instructions on the WooCommerce website.

Generate Keys on WooCommerce
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced
  • Go to the REST API tab and click Add key.
  • Give the key a description for your own reference (“Okiano Marketing Integration is a good choice for a name), choose a user with access to orders etc, and give the key read permissions.
  • Click Generate api key.
  • Your keys will be shown – do not close this tab yet, the secret will be hidden if you try to view the key again.
  • Please copy the “Consumer key” and “Consumer secret” and past it into the form below and click the “SEND KEYS” button.
  • When done, click on the sub-tab Legacy API and tick the box next to “Enable the legacy REST API”.

Connecting Okiano to your Magento store

Okiano integration with Magento allows for your store data to be continuously updated on Okiano servers. This in turn, ensures your Ads and search terms are always relevant and accurately represent your store.

Connecting your store is easy. all you need to do is install the Okiano Marketing Automation extension. To begin, login to your Magento admin dashboard and install the Okiano Marketing extension from Magento marketplace.

Visit this link to see detailed instructions for installing the extension.

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