10X Higher Engagement with Okiano Google Ads for eCommerce

Customers are searching for your products! Okiano Automated Advertising Engine will get your store discovered by creating excellent Ads on the first page of Google, Lowering your advertising eCommerce advertising costs, and boosting volume Sales at Profit.

We support major eCommerce platforms for seamless integration with over 1 Million online stores

Install the Okiano Shopify eCommerce PPC Management and Marketing Automation App. Okiano will automatically have your store items synced and generate Google Ads to increase sales. 

Drive more sales and increase profitability with Okiano Google Ads Extension for Magento. Increase sales with new Ads and Keywords. Better than an eCommerce advertising agency.

Okiano for WooCommerce continuously analyses your products to create new Ads and relevant search Keywords to get interested shoppers to your store and increase eCommerce sales.

Native Integration to BigCommerce, advertising your eCommerce store on Google Search Ads with a click. Your automated personal PPC advertising agency driving traffic of interested shoppers to your store. 

Boost your business with automated ad generation

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High-Quality Google Ads Campaigns That Actually Sell

Using advanced AI algorithms to learn your Store, Okiano technology creates Google Ads Campaigns that are optimized for Keywords, Ads, and store-landing-pages, to ensure High Quality-Score and Low Click Cost resulting in lower spending, increased revenue, and higher ROAS.

Smart, Easy & Profitable

Okiano is recommended by experts for being Easy to Use, creating High-Quality campaigns that deliver Faster Sales results. Here is how our technology does that magic for you:  

  • It Crafts campaigns with effective Ads and Keywords
  • Optimizing the Keywords-Ad-Store Landing page for high-quality score
  • A/B testing on multiple variables and Optimizing budget allocation and, 
  • Rotating advertising strategies for maximum ROAS

All that to ensure high impression and CTR rates to drive Low Click Cost resulting in lower spending, increased revenue, and higher ROAS.

Growing Your Sales Volume at Profit

The challenge of growing sales at profit is maybe the most complicated for the eCommerce retailer. You must be creative at all times and optimize your website and PPC  campaigns daily, finding new selling Keywords and creating new Ads to be able to compete in a crowded market.


Okiano AI robots constantly create new Ads and locates new relevant Keywords to further Optimize your campaigns based on an Ever-Expanding base of auto-generated Ads and auto-discovered Keywords to Grow Sales and Profit.

Our customers get better results

Mary Ware
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The health & beauty market is highly competitive due to an increase in the number of home-made products and easy to create websites. After struggling for some time, we decided on using Okiano’s eCommerce automated advertising solution. We saw a big increase in the number of sales and significant growth in the number of customers. During the initial four-month period of advertising with Okiano, we had almost 2,500 new purchases, of which 94% were new customers. With a return of $89,113 dollars from a spend of $7,532, we were able to eliminate the negative impact of the COVID-19, with elevated profitability and a steady stream of sales. Read more..

Grow your store’s traffic and boost sales at profit


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It takes time for Okiano and Google robots to optimize your campaigns. You will see elevated traffic, but conversions may depend on many factors such as your store shopping cart experience and onsite promotions.

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