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Mary Ware
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The health & beauty market is highly competitive due to the increased number of homemade products and easy-to-creating websites. After struggling for some time, we decided on using Okiano’s eCommerce advertising agency to bring traffic to our Shopify store. We saw a big increase in the number of sales and significant growth in the number of customers. During the initial four-month period of advertising with Okiano, we had almost 2,500 new purchases, of which 94% were new customers. With a return of $89,113 from a spend of $7,532, we were able to eliminate the negative impact of the COVID-19, with elevated profitability and a steady stream of sales.
Okiano Google Ads
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Okiano is the number one Google Ads Management Tool. It provides you with the ability to advertise your Shopify store quickly on Google Ecommerce Platform with Automated Bidding Google Ads. This AI for eCommerce tool is the best PPC software for Google Ads Automated Bidding and perfect for Advertise on Google Shopping and eCommerce Advertising Platforms.

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