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We partner with large retailers and advertising agencies and help them increase profitability by creating profitable Google Ads campaigns, automatically creating and A/B testing Ads and Keywords.

You have an online store


What you get:

1. Excellent Ads and Keywords uploaded to your Google Ads Account
2. Advertisement on Google Search Ads
3. Advertisement on Google Display Network
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We partner with large retailers and advertising agencies to improve their business results

We create profitable Google Ads campaigns for online store by
automatically creating and A/B testing Ads and Keywords.

“We were never successful using Google Ads until we found Okiano. Within the first 3 months from starting out, Chronospride revenue grew over 270% with cost going down to yield an overall 180% growth in ROAS compared to other channels.”

Chronospride – your one stop shopping solution for all high-end watches of different brands around the world based in Australia

Fransiscus Setiawan
Owner at Chronuspride

“After a long and detailed market research comparing different solutions and advertising agencies we found that Okiano service required no effort to yields the highest overall returns on our advertising spend.”

Josh Porter, Romantix
Head of Digital Marketing

Google Ads Automation

We use AI to automate the entire Ad creation and advertisement process on Google Ads, identifying what makes users buy and how to reach them. Our value proposition to our agency partners is simple, we help you provide exceptional services to your clients.

Our technology will give you an advantage and will also help you increase your capacity enabling your PPC Experts deliver more with less, increase your capacity and help you win more business!

How do we help

  • We remove Complexities
  • Crafting campaigns with effective Ads and Keywords
  • Rotating advertising strategies for maximum ROAS
  • Optimised Keywords-Ad-Landing page experience
  • A/B testing on multiple variables
  • Optimizing budget allocation
  • Maximizing ROAS* and account Growth



What’s included in our services

Automatic Campaign Setup

  • Great Creative
  • Relevant keywords
  • Automated upload to Google Ads

Increased sales

  • Search Ads
  • Automated Search Extensions
  • Google Shopping
  • Automated Display Remarketing

Operability and technology

  • Works on any site
  • Up to one-week account setup
  • Support for very large stores

Dedicated 24/7 Agency Support 


The cost of Sales for Online Stores and why is it going up

The biggest problem for eCommerce is space on the first page vs. demand of retailers. The ability to organically direct a substantial amount of shoppers traffic to the shops is limited. For that reason, the competition between retailers on the first-page moves to the paid advertisement, still, the limited supply of advertising space and the growing demand, constantly elevates the price of getting discovered. This means the cost of acquiring a new eCommerce customer is constantly increasing.

What can the retail advertiser do

In order to stay profitable while growing sales, the digital retailer needs to crack the secret of How to Lower the Advertisement Cost (Lower PPC cost) and Elevate Exposure (Increase First-Page Impressions) to sell more at lower cost. To do that, one must understand the logic of the AI robots responsible for placing Ads of the chosen Advertising Platform to ensure campaigns gets high relevance score.

How can Okiano AI help increase sales and improve profitability

Okiano is focused on using AI to automate the work of the PPC Expert for eCommerce. From the creation of the Ads and Associated  search terms Keywords, through creating full Advertising campaigns on Google Ads using advanced deep and machine learning algorithms to deliver top-of-page Ad placement, Lower PPC Cost and as a result, deliver unparalleled  ROAS.


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