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Great ads for effective Google Adwords campaign

Okiano constantly improves your ad performance. See how:

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We support major eCommerce platforms for seamless integration with over 1 Million online stores

Install the Okiano Shopify App. Your store items will be automatically added to Okiano, and Google Ads will be generated to increase sales.

Use the Okiano Extension when you want to start a Google Ads campaign from scratch or to augment an existing campaign with fresh Ads and new Keywords.

WooCommerce integration continuously updates your store data on our servers, ensuring your Ads and search terms are always relevant and accurately represent your store.

Other Platforms

We integrate to any eCommerce technology you use to run your website, ensuring your Ads and search terms are always relevant and accurately represent your store.

Automatic Campaigns

Okiano AI boosted with machine learning, identifies each of your store products automatically detecting features, figuring out relevant keywords, creating multiple ads to perform A / B testing and identify best performing Ads.

Okiano AI then turns your inventory into multiple advertising campaigns on Google Ads, all with relevant keywords and effective targeting.

Forecast potential buyers

Increasing your PPC budget is not necessarily enough to increase sales. Okiano collects and leverages user behavior information to predict users’ intent of purchase. Okiano’s budget control system is integrated into the advertising process, harnessing conversion patterns to make optimal ad-spend decisions that increase sales volume.

Improved Return on advertising spend ROAS

Many different factors affect customer purchasing patterns and eventual sales. Okiano’s robots manage the entire advertisement process, matching the right keywords to users with intent-to-purchase, improving ROAS and maximizing ROI.


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